Online Counselling 

Counselling for Individuals

This type is similar to therapies in person. We use Zoom video calls,  it requires proper internet accessibility, phone, laptop or computer with camera and apps with video option. 

65 £ 

Hypnotherapy for Individuals

Hypnotherapy can be delivered by Zoom calls perfectly. It requires proper internet access, a phone, a laptop or computer with a camera.

    175 £  

Counselling for couples

The couple means two individuals regardless of the nature of their relationship. We use Zoom video calls; they can join from different places.

120 £

Counselling Face-to-Face

To book a face to face session, please ask my availability using the form below.

Counselling sessions for individiuals

Traditional way of counselling, in a therapy room.

70 £  


Hypnotherapy sessions between 60-90min.

   150 £ 

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