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One of my favourite passion is watching the sunrise that is a low-cost adventure and can be experienced almost anywhere. There is no comparable event regarding its reliability; the sun undoubtedly will rise, every day. All you have to do is rise with her. (I know, this can be the most challenging for the majority, it may mean a complete lifestyle change. Trust yourself and leap! You will be amazed by the results.)

Waking up early in the morning is a crucial part of all the traditional meditation practises; the time between 3.30 and 6 am called "ambrosial hours" are considered the prime time for meditating.

Furthermore, it has many beneficial impacts on our mental and physical health. To catalyse your motivation, I collected the most impressive  effects of regular sunrise meditation:

You will experience an increase in your:

  • productivity, you will be eager to act towards your daily goals
  • mindfulness, you will be in the present most of the time
  • gratitude, you will be able to perceive all the values of your life and feel thankful for them
  • happiness and fulfilment, you will feel like a vivid part of the whole universe 
  • libido, the quality and expansion of your sexual energy will rise

You will be protected from:

  • SAD ( Seasonal Affect Disorder), depression and mood swinging
  • Anxiety and emotional distress
  • Immune Dysfunctions, and the incidence of virus infections
  • Prevalence of significant diseases like some cancer, osteoporosis, cardiovascular symptoms, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, tooth decay, 

All you have to do wake up 45 minutes before sunrise, keep journaling your dreams and gratitudes than grab a cup of hot drink and leave for the closest sunrise watch spot. Sit in a meditation position with an open mind and soul. Let the sun do the rest for you.

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