There are some different way to find your inner inspirations. One of them is to tranquillise your mind and listen to your inner wisdom that may come through by images, feelings, words or memories, recognition and all sort of things what your unconscious mind preserved and transformed. You may not know which one will catalyse your changing process, which one will press the right button in you to activate your move.  

Routes to get inspired

Divine Crumbs

Sunrise gazing is one of the most effective ways to set a new lifestyle with early waking. Furthermore, watching the rising sun has a lot of positive impact on both your body and mind. You can get connected to your higher self easier and will be able to open for celestial messages.

Regular meditation practice keeps you on track, settles your mind, calming your body, and preserves your intimate relationship with yourself. The more you do, the more you will be harmonised and be able to integrate the content of your subconscious mind.

Journaling opens the conduit between words and emotions. While your feels looking for a way of expression, your hand's forming them into words. In this process, you'll become more mindful about your inner world and gain more clarity of thinking.