Szilvia Kovács is a counselling psychologist also working with alter state therapies, relaxation, meditation, and hypnotherapy. Szilvia has graduated with an MA in Psychology at the University of ELTE in Budapest and did her Counseling Psychologist Graduation there as well. She specialized in career consulting, psychological evaluation, nondirective therapy, autogenic training, and integrative hypnotherapy integrating KIP and NLP. She has been working with her clients for ten years, has been using the benefits of altered states for opening the mind, developing personalities and establishing a connection with the higher inner self and the core soul. She started her regular meditation and yoga practice 29 years ago and has been on her spiritual path since. She has trained in the different type of meditations and healing practices. She is permanently learning new methods and techniques both as her psychology training and for her spiritual growth. Her latest training is a Mindfulness training from University of Monash, training to practising TM (transcendental meditation), and the online video training of the British Hypnosis Research & Training Institute.

She started her online counselling eight years ago when many of her clients left the country, and they could continue on sessions only this way. She's grown a big expat circle in her practice since then and got a lot experience in online counselling.