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Where are your black holes?

Do you feel happy, content, efficient or not?

First of all, you must know that having "black holes" in our lives is the most common experience in our life path. They are dark spots of our existence where our energy leaks and left us weak, confused, and forlorn. However they are responsible for the changes for better, they may push our buttons to open our eyes for the next step on the journey of fulfilling the authentical self. The crucial moment when we realize the black hole itself and decide to take a leap and jump into an unknown but different opportunity. We may need encouraging and guiding, but our soul has all the wisdom and courage to go through it and grow on its own. Here are the most common areas where we can identify our actual black holes.  


You may feel abandoned frustrated or lack of self-confidence to overcome the obstacles in front of you. You may have a lot of stress in your life or just lost something or someone. In this case, you may need a deeper self-discovery to see yourself clearly, get back your coping tools and learn some new ones.


You may repeat the same pattern of insufficient relationships. You may blame yourself or the others and feel unable to connect properly. You may have had some disastrous relationships before and started to lose your faith. You may find difficult to share your emotions and thoughts with the others.   


Finding a fulfilling job may be a real challenge for you. The question is what does the fulfilling mean for you? What is your life purpose? What are your personal goals and your plans to achieve them? What is the most important issue in your life? Which are the activities that are able to put you in the flow?