Dear Visitors,

I offer a free consultation regarding this recent coronavirus pandemic. 

As this is a severe problem worldwide, no one left uninvolved; there is a lot of stress and anxiety generated, increasing the related mental issues and creating new ones. So, mitigating these non-physical symptoms is essential to overcome the outburst and gain further power from this crisis. In that case, 

  • If you work in the health care system
  • If you have grown more anxiety, sadness, fear recently, or you suffer from insomnia or eating problems in the last weeks
  • or you are worrying too much about losing some of your close loved ones/ or you have lost one of them already
  • or you are over-stressed about your financial future cause you had to stop working and stay in self-isolation 

You may feel to talk to someone. Please consider that this offer is for coronavirus related issues only, as you can see above. The length of counselling is 1-3 session without any payment, but booking is needed

Please contact me by filling out this form:

You also can get help here:

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or call 116-123, the Samaritans